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Russian prepaid SIM card Megafon-Hello!

Share your impressions about your trip around Russia!

SIM card with unlimited social media and messenger access for just EUR 22 for two weeks with the #Hello tariff plan

Unlimited communication in your favorite social media and messengers

#Hello everyone

Would you like to do a live feed from a stadium? Do you want to share the most interesting stuff with friends? Or maybe you wish to post a photo of a bear taking a stroll down the street? This is not a problem on the #Hello plan!

Get unlimited access to the popular social media and messengers from MegaFon, the operator of the largest 4G/LTE network in Russia.

#Hello in brief

The plan is available all across Russia1:

  • The price of plan is just RUB 1400/about EUR 20 for 2 weeks
  • Unlimited data for all of the most popular social media sites and messengers (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki)
  • 6 GB of traffic for the rest of the Internet2
  • 30 minutes of calls and 30 text messages3

The calls and text offerings apply to Russian phone numbers and popular international destinations*, including all the countries participating in the FIFA World Cup 2018. For a full list of long distance calls included in the plan see #Hello tariff page

Useful numbers:


Activate the #Hello plan


Find out your mobile number


Check your balance


Check the amount of services you have left


Get more Web traffic


Call the MegaFon support line (in English)


Useful links:

All you need to know about the #Hello plan

Top up your balance with a bank card

Contact MegaFon support in English

Have a great trip and an awesome time in Russia!


The plan only applies in the territory of Russia; no international roaming is available.

Only MegaFon mobile services can be paid for from the subscriber's account; you cannot pay for any other products and services from it.

1 All the services offered in the tariff plan apply without any additional surcharges if you travel within Russia except in Crimea and Sevastopol where calls are RUB 9.99 per minute, text messages are RUB 4.90 per text, Web traffic is RUB 9.90 per 1 MB, and except for the Taimyr municipal district, Norilsk, and the Chukotka Autonomous Region where Web traffic costs RUB 9.90 per 1 MB.

2 Once you have used up your Web traffic, your Internet access is suspended except for social media websites and the messengers included in the plan.

3 Once you have used up your free call minutes, calls are: RUB 0 per minute for calls to other MegaFon numbers, RUB 3.5 per minute for calls to other Russian numbers, RUB 55 per minute for calls to Europe, RUB 75 per minute for calls to other countries. Once you have used up your text limit, the prices are as follows: RUB 3 per text message to any Russian numbers, RUB 6.5 per text message to any numbers registered in other countries. provides:
  • 1) 24x7 customer support (English and Russian) by WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, SMS and e-mail
  • 2) Shipping to any country of the World (3 euro with tracking number) or to your hotel reception in Russia.
  • 3) 100% prepaid SIM card with preactivated data and voice pack
  • 4) Cheap international calls to your home country
  • 5) MegaFon operator has the best coverage on 4 main stadiums and along transportation ways (highway, train and at airports) – 4G/LTE both as 3G/HSDPA+ technology
  • 6) Money back if service will not work or change SIM card to another in 2 days

Map of the MegaFon network coverage is available on this link (in russian).

* list of destinations, where calls are included in pack: 

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA

S M 24PRO Internet bundle from MegaFon


Network coverage from Megafon
  • 0,00 RUB

    Activation cost

  • 350.00 RUB per month

    Subscription fee for Internet S 3GB

  • 590.00 RUB per month

    Subscription fee for Internet M 8GB + 8GB of data at night**

  • 24.00 RUB per day*

    Subscription fee for 24 daily* bundle (200 MB per day)

  • When the specified limit of Internet usage has been reached, Internet access will be suspended until the beginning of the following month.

    In order to immediately continue using unlimited Internet; install the option series ‘Prolong speed’

  • * Day - period from 0:00 to 23:59 Moscow time (GMT + 4) 
  • ** Night - period from 01:00 to 07:59 Moscow time (GMT + 4)
Installation and service management
  • *236*2*1#

    To enable your Internet S 3GB bundle, send USSD:

  • *236*3*1#

    To enable your Internet M 8GB bundle, send USSD:

  • *105*264#

    To enable your Internet 24 - 200 MB per day, send USSD:

  • *236*00#

    To disable your Internet S 3GB bundle, send USSD:

  • *236*00#

    To disable your Internet M 8GB bundle, send USSD:

  • *105*264*0#

    To disable your Internet 24 200MB per day, send USSD:

  • *110*181#

    If you have disabled basic services and Internet access, you can re-install these with sending special USSD command – for free!

  • *925#

    To find out how much Internet you have remaining

Terms and Conditions
  • Up to 236 КB/s

    Maximum data rate in 2G networks (for GPRS/EDGE technology)

  • Up to 14,4 MB/s

    Maximum data rate in 3G networks (for UMTS/ HSDPA technology)

  • Up to 73 MB/s

    Maximum date rate in 4G networks (for LTE technology)

  • These data rates are not guaranteed in all territories and can depend on terrain, the density of the surrounding buildings, network congestion and other external factors.

  • When the specified limit of Internet usage has been reached, Internet access will be suspended until the beginning of the following month. In order to immediately continue using unlimited Internet; install the option series ‘prolong speed’

'Prolong Speed' option
  • 150.00 RUB

    Cost of the Prolong Speed option for your 1GB bundle

  • *370*1*1#

    To enable additional internet bundle 1GB send USSD command:

  • 400.00 RUB

    Cost of the Prolong Speed option for your 5GB bundle

  • *370*2*1#

    To enable additional internet bundle 5GB send USSD command:

Roaming Access
  • These options work on 4G, 3G and 2G networks throughout the entirety of Russia, with the exception of zones of the Far Eastern branch of OJSC MegaFon, i.e. Taimyr municipal district and the city of Norilsk. In these regions payment per MB follows as stipulated by the conditions of the tariff plan.

  • In cases of international roaming, you will be charged as stipulated by your tariff plan.

Compatibility with other services
  • These options are incompatible with other services or options that provide a discount for Internet access. Should a discount be applied to the subscriber's account, the option to apply further discounts on Internet access is disabled.

how you subscription fee is charged
Additional information


Telecommunication services are provided by OJSC "Megafon"

Prices include VAT at 18%

Tariff valid as of 10.03.2015

SIM-портал — Официальный сайт «МегаФон» Московский регион

В меню любого телефона с SIM-картой МегаФона уже есть простой и удобный помощник портал «MegaFonPRO».

Что можно делать с помощью SIM-портала?
  • подключать и настраивать услуги «МегаФона»;
  • пользоваться справочными и развлекательными сервисами;
  • скачивать игры или мелодии;
  • читать гороскоп;
  • узнавать расписание кинотеатров;
  • получать ежедневный прогноз погоды;
  • находить интересующие вас объекты на карте города.
Специальный сервис, доступный в SIM-портале:
  • «Калейдоскоп» — служба новостных и развлекательных сообщений.
  • Пользоваться SIM-порталом очень легко! Зайдите в меню телефона, выберите пункт «Программы SIM» (в разных моделях телефонов названия пунктов меню могут отличаться) и найдите пункт «MegaFonPRO».

Навигация по SIM-порталу бесплатная, оплачивается только конечный запрос данных.

Стоимость запросов

РазделСтоимость, ₽ с НДС
МегаФон0 ₽
Развлечения >Мелодии60 ₽
Предсказания20 ₽
Юмор15–30 ₽
Игры20–150 ₽
Хит-Парад15 ₽
Рецепты20 ₽
Картинки >Цветные15–90 ₽
Чёрно-белые20 ₽
Логотипы20 ₽
Иконки20 ₽
Другое >Видео30 ₽
Темы40 ₽
Картинки15 ₽
Тосты15 ₽
Спорт15 ₽
Новости15 ₽
Финансы15 ₽
Справка15 ₽
Общение >ЗнакомстваВ рамках сервиса«Безлимитные знакомства»5 ₽/сутки
Чат3 ₽
Другое3 ₽

Стоимость голосовых услуг

Короткий номерРазделСтоимость в ₽, с НДС
0504Магический коктейль21 ₽*
0506Тосты21 ₽*
0507Лови позитив21 ₽*
0511Всегда готовь21 ₽*
0521Афоризмы15 ₽*
0571МР3-хиты40 ₽*
0563Афиша60 ₽*
0512Новости спорта21 ₽*
0513В курсе событий21 ₽*
0517Справка68,99 ₽*
0518Узнай обо всем68,99 ₽*
0508Эротические истории21 ₽*
0509Знакомства21 ₽*
0514Мобильная тусовка15 ₽*
0515Праздник каждый день21 ₽*
0516Голосовые открытки21 ₽*
0519Сладких слов40 ₽*
0524Мобильный чат21 ₽*
0581Камасутра21 ₽*
0582XXX разговор45,01 ₽*
0583Горячие язычки60 ₽*
0590Секретная линия21 ₽*

* Тарификация исходящих вызовов — поминутная. Соединения продолжительностью менее 3-х (трех) секунд не тарифицируются.

SIM-портал не требует специального подключения — он уже установлен на SIM-карте. Чтобы открыть SIM-портал зайдите в меню телефона и выберите пункт «SIM-программы» → «MegaFonPRO».

В роуминге перемещение по SIM-порталу как отправка SMS по тарифу региона/страны пребывания. Стоимость контента и информации по запросам — та же, что и в Домашнем регионе.

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